We ask for a chain of prayers (Rosary and / or Crown of Mercy) for the people of Mexico…

We ask for a chain of prayers (Rosary and / or Crown of  Mercy) for the people of Mexico who will be under Hurricane Irma and who have already suffered an earthquake these days. Because Jesus, Mary, the Angels and the Saints protect them.

With the prayers we establish a bridge between the earth and the sky, between the Saints and us. This is the Communion of the Saints and the Blesseds in which who trust in prayer to God (even if they are not ‘practitioners’) are blessed. Through prayer the souls come together to form one body. Each prayer produces vibrations of Love that, in the dimension of God, becomes infinitely valuable gifts. Each prayer is a DIAMOND that we give to God to Love to others. It is a spiritual Diamond and much more of this, because it produces miracles since it contains the love of the soul towards the others, towards Jesus and Mary.

Pray, therefore, let us not tire of praying. Much more we pray than more we will feel part of the Dimension of God.

GBY (God Bless You)

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