Prayer intentions this week

Let us unite in the prayer of the Rosary or the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy asking Jesus and Virgin Mary for the help of the Holy Spirit on the world and in the hearts – souls of:

1. The young people: so that they can discern the Truth of the lie and have faith in the Church Wife of Christ

2. Those marginalized because of their faith in Christ: that they may have the strength to witness to the Truth that is Jesus Christ, Light of the world

3. The people of the world: to discover again the importance of prayer which has a huge power that we can not understand but is real. It is the prayer that will save the world.

4. All the people who do not have a job: that they can find the necessary help to go ahead conserving their dignity and not being afraid of the poverty.

5. All people who fight for the defense of human life from its beginning to its natural death.

6. All children threatened by perverted ideologies.

7. All priests, seminarians and religious in general: to be bearers of the Light of Truth in Christ.

If this is the Will of God the Father. Amen.

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