We must intensify the prayers

Hi, everyone! We propose to intensify the prayers because the whole world is clearly attacked in its basic values. Above all, the Family is attacked, human dignity and, especially, under attack are children who can not defend themselves against the psychological manipulations that some governments make by inserting perversions as if they were «educational» materials. We can not win all this without the intervention of  Virgin Mary, Jesus and all the Communion of Saints. We must create a bridge of prayers so that heaven can intervene in the earthly dimension. We must defend innocence and purity. Whoever has the dirty soul can not bear those who have a clean soul as the children have. We intensify the prayers so that the children are protected from the perversions and so that the Holy Spirit illuminates the souls of the powerful so that they do not yield to the logic of the power but to the logic of the Truth that is God. Thank you so much.

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